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We work on SWOT analysis: Our blank template can be used if you are well-informed on SWOT analysis. 

It is essential to perform a SWOT analysis to give instructions for the next phases of the change process. Another example of a 2×2 We work SWOT analysis, but with a little more color.


We work Airbnb for Office Rental a worldwide network of indoor family entertainment parks.

It was established by Xavier LopezAncona, a Mexican entrepreneur, in 1997. WeWork Airbnb For Office Rent’s business model consisted in providing safe educational space for children, working with teachers and schools to ensure the best learning experience, and collaborating with industry partners to identify new communication channels that will target next-generation customers. 

Businesses believed in constant development and maximizing customer experience through offering new activities to suit changing customer preferences.

The business offered more than 200 activities in its park, as well as seasonal activities that were based on the cultural environment in various cities and countries. It was also highly diversified. 

To ensure customer satisfaction, the company offered loyalty programs that increased the number of repeat customers to help increase their visits. 

The franchising model was adopted by the business to expand into new countries and cities.

This allowed the company to protect its earnings and avoid the possibility of losing currency.

 Strengths In The SWOT Analysis Of WeWork 

Reached All Over the World: Every new business must strive for growth and expand beyond its borders. WeWork is fortunate to have workspaces in major countries such as the US, Canada, and the UK. It also has locations in more than 37 other countries. The global reach of ‘WeWork’ has earned the brand an international reputation.

Stakeholders: The company’s major shareholders are Softbank, JP Morgan, and Benchmark. Adam Neumann is a key player. At the beginning of 2019, the total value of the “We Company” was 47 billion US dollars. According to the Wall Street Journal, Soft Bank planned to give Adam 1.7 Billion US dollars if he resigned from his position on the board.

Dedicated staff: WeWork currently employs approximately 15000 people. Human capital is an invaluable asset for any organization. The company’s success has been achieved by hard-working, loyal, and dedicated employees.

Economical at a Low Cost: Compare WeWork’s prices and the services they offer, such as separate phone booths and conference and meeting rooms, snacks, and many more. You’ll find that the shared cowork space of WeWork is very affordable and cost-effective. WeWork is a preferred choice for entrepreneurs, young freelancers, and startups.

Different Business Segments: If we look at We Company as the parent company, we will see numerous subsidiary companies such as WeLive, Weise, and WeMRKT. To reach more people, the company targets multiple market segments. Because not everyone is an entrepreneur or freelancer, it is impossible to rely solely on the market segments. The parent company, therefore, expands its business segments in order to reach more people.

Diverse Products and Services: The company’s products and services are only available to entrepreneurs, and freelancers. WeWork’s shared workspace is available to companies, SMEs,s and group startups. If the brand had targeted a single segment of the market, it would not have reached the restricted audience. WeWork would have only been used by a small number of people.

In-house Advertising: The parent company has its own advertising agency. This means WeWork does not have to worry about its advertising campaign or advertisement. The rest would be taken care of by the brand.

 Weaknesses In The SWOT Analysis Of WeWork 

Intense Work Environment: WeWork is not for the cool-minded because it has a very intense work environment. Sometimes it can lead to stress. Most people leave stressful jobs to become freelancers and work for themselves. Then they ask why they would return to a space that is similar to what they left.

Newcomer Struggle: It can be difficult for newcomers to adapt to WeWork’s shared workspace. Because the tenants and staff are familiar, it is easier for them to adjust. Sometimes they work together. A new tenant may feel neglected when he rents out space.

Too Many: WeWork’s platform is open to all. WeWork offers a free high-speed internet connection, snacks, and a friendly working environment. It leads to over crowdedness. Many people prefer to work in quiet places with few people. There would be more to talk about if there were more people. It can be difficult for people to concentrate on their work when they are in this environment.

Inter-organizational conflict: Some have witnessed conflict between the operational management team and the merchandising staff. Although the incident occurred at another business segment of the parent company it still conveys a negative image of the brand. Negative marketing can damage a company’s reputation.

In-efficient Ads: WeWork’s in-house advertisements don’t communicate the exact message they are trying to convey. The parent company is focused on all market segments.

Contradiction among tenants & Company’s goal: The tenants who rent the shared workspaces have a totally different mindset and approach. The company’s goals and objectives are, however, completely different. WeWork should not align its goals with those of tenants because they aren’t compatible.

Non-cooperative staff: The management of WeWork does not provide any information regarding sharing information about tenants. It is good from a security standpoint. If you plan to work with your partner in the future, you need to be aware of his past.

 Opportunity In The SWOT Analysis Of WeWork 

Independent Mail System: WeWork offers mail handling services in the form of receiving. The company could attract many highly-skilled authoritative users if it started offering on-demand mail delivery and receiving services.

Home Office Service: It would be helpful for the management to keep track of the preferences and interests of employees.

Alliances With Other Firms & Countries: WeWork is growing globally, as we all know. The company can merge with, acquire, or partner up with other companies and brands. It can then double its growth.

Threats In The SWOT Analysis Of WeWork 

Competitors: WeWork’s main competitors are Office Max, Office Depot, and Regus. The companies offer similar products and services, but the company should offer a different experience for its tenants. WeWork is preferred by people to work in their workspaces.

High prices: If a company offers workspaces at a lower price, some people will be price-conscious. Marketers can then target customers who are price-conscious.


WeWork is now an innovative means of renting workspaces that are affordable and flexible cost. 

It’s also supported by many of the most renowned and successful businesses worldwide including Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Airbnb, and Samsung. It is currently trying to expand into its Eastern countries.

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