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Nike Swot Analysis 2022 

Are you looking for a new business with Nike Company? Initially, do you want to analyze Nike Company?

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Here, you will get all the details about the SWOT Analysis of Nike. Before reaching the SWOT Analysis of Nike, I want to lead towards information about the Nike Company.

Nike Company Overview:

Nike Inc. is the largest American brand of sports shoes, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services in the world with a global footprint. Nike’s popular Slogan is “Just Do It”.

Company Name
Nike Inc.
Type Public
Formerly Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. (1964–1971)
 Nike Logo
Founded January 25, 1964; 58 years ago
  • Bill Bowerman
  • Phil Knight
Headquarters Beaverton, Oregon, U.S.
Area served
Key people
  • Phil Knight (Chairman Emeritus)
  • Mark Parker (Executive Chairman)
  • John Donahoe (President and CEO)
  • Athletic Footwear & Apparel
  • Athletic & Recreational Products
  • Sports Equipment
  • Accessories
Revenue US$37.4 billion (2020)
Net income
US$2.54 billion (2020)
Total equity US$8.06 billion (2020)
Number of employees
75,400 (2020)
Website nike.com

Nike Introduction

To conduct Nike SWOT Analysis, the first step is to get to know the brand. Nike is a top-rated brand that makes high-quality shoes for athletes.

It is also associated with many sports stars such as Neymar and James LeBron. The brand was founded in 1964 and has seen rapid growth over the past few years. 

They currently have retail outlets in over 170 countries and offer online services. The Swoosh logo has become a well-known symbol around the globe.

Milestones/Development Timeline for Nike

1964 Blue Ribbon Sports is founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman
1971 The company has severed all ties to Onitsuka Tiger (Asics).
1971 The Swoosh logo is adopted by Nike and the company’s name is changed to Nike.
1972 Ilie Nastase’s first endorsement program
1980 Nike goes public with a share price of 18 cents
1984 Nike signs Michael Jordan launches Air Jordan Series
1990 Portland’s first Niketown store opens
2002 Nike acquires Hurley surf-apparel firm
2004 Nike buys Converse for $309 Million
2012 Nike is now the official supplier of NFL apparel
2015 Nike is now the official supplier of NBA apparel

Swot Analysis of Nike 2022

In this article, we’ll be conducting a SWOT analysis of Nike, where we look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats influencing their business.

The Strengths and Weaknesses are the internal factors of the company, whereas the Opportunities and Threats are external factors of Nike Company.

Below, I am presenting all details about the SWOT Analysis Nike 2022.

 Strengths In The SWOT Analysis Of Nike 2022

❤️ Nike is the number one global Sports Shoemaker brand in the world. Its famous ‘Swoosh’ is immediately recognizable, and Phil Knight (Founder and CEO) even has it tattooed on his ankle.

❤️ It has launched many other products in collaboration with companies e.g. launched music players, Nike watches, etc.

❤️ The company’s huge global production and distribution chain is a strength that enables the business to support global market dominance.

❤️ It is an extremely competitive brand just as it is highly customer-centric.  Its market-leading position is a result of its consistent focus on product design, quality, and changing consumer preferences.

❤️ As many of Nike’s products are manufactured in developing South-East Asian countries so Nike has extremely low labor costs and it’s using inexpensive materials, due to the manufacturing price being extremely low.

❤️ Nike has several star celebrity brand ambassadors from various sports like football, golf, cricket, NBA, etc.

❤️ Effective business relationship-building is done by the company globally which has to help its brand equity. Its revenue in 2020 is $37.4 billion with a net income of $2.54 billion.

Weaknesses In The SWOT Analysis Of Nike 2022

❤️ In 2018, 42% of income is growing from the US market only the rest is apart from the US. The situation leads to an over-dependency on the US market.

❤️ The labor opposition situation can ruin the brand image of Nike. To maintain this they have to overlook the conditions of their manufacturing units.

❤️ Constant competition means limited market share growth for the company.

❤️ The company suffers from a limited presence in developing markets, partly because of issues with pricing, imitation, and patent protection.

Opportunities In The SWOT Analysis Of Nike 2022

❤️ By growing its direct-to-customer sales channels’ penetration, the company will be able to offer a better customer experience and win higher customer loyalty.

❤️ Improve brand visibility by opening sports academies across the world for nurturing talent.

❤️ There is also the opportunity to develop high-value products such as sportswear, sunglasses, and jewelry to get high profits.

❤️ Nike has a whole new opportunity to make 100% recyclable products because there is an increased demand for eco-friendly products in the market.

❤️ They can sell their product in high-volume markets like India and China, where they can work on low-profit margins with high sales.

❤️ Technological innovation can also help Nike find faster growth and expand its market share

Threats In The SWOT Analysis Of Nike 2022

❤️ The footwear market is so competitive, that Nike faces tough competition, considering other major players like Adidas, PUMA, and Reebok.

❤️ Nike is serving in the international market, that’s why its trading currencies depend on the different countries, due to its cost and margins are not stable.

❤️ Other brands are adopting new techniques and innovations, and due to this Nike needs to be up-to-date.

❤️ Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of sports and outdoor activities were affected leading to an impact on sales of footwear and apparel.

Limitations of SWOT Analysis for Nike

While it is true that the SWOT analysis is used widely as a tool for strategic planning, however, it does have some limitations.

  • Certain abilities or aspects of an organization can be both a strength as well as a weak point at the same. This is among the most important limitations in SWOT analyses. Changes in environmental regulations can be an opportunity and a threat to the company. However, it could also be an opportunity in the sense that it allows the company to compete on the same level or gain an advantage over its competitors when it can develop its products quicker than competitors.
  • SWOT is not able to show you how to gain competitive advantages and therefore it shouldn’t be a complete solution.
  • The matrix is merely an initial point of reference for discussions on how suggested strategies can be implemented. It also provided an evaluation time frame, but it did not provide a plan of implementation that is based on the strategic competitiveness of Nike
  • It is a static analysis that analyzes the current conditions with only a few potential modifications. When circumstances, capabilities, as well as threats and strategies, evolve, the dynamic of the competition cannot be analyzed in one matrix.
  • SWOT analysis could cause a company to focus too much on one external or internal aspect when formulating strategies. There are interrelations between the important external and internal aspects that SWOT doesn’t reveal, which could be crucial in determining strategies.

Weighted SWOT Analysis of Nike

Due to the previously stated weaknesses of the SWOT analysis/ matrix, the management of the corporate determined to give an appropriate amount of weightage to every internal strength and weakness of the company. 

Companies also evaluate the probability of events that will occur in the near future and what the effect will be on the firm’s performance.

This technique is known as the Weighted SWOT Analysis. It’s superior to simple SWOT analysis as using weighted SWOT analysis Nike managers can concentrate on the most important elements and ignore the less crucial ones. 

This also helps solve the problem of a long list which is when organizations make an extensive list, but none of the elements are considered to be crucial.

The Key Takeaways

Nike SWOT Analysis identifies specific problems that must be addressed to maintain its position in the market. 

The Nike SWOT analysis reveals that the brand has many weaknesses that can hinder growth and add to its risks. Here are some suggestions based on the Nike SWOT analysis:

  1. Quality control is an important aspect of any company. They must have guidelines in place to ensure quality in the countries where they outsource product development.
  2. Nike should not be taken lightly by the higher authorities. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious charge. It is important that the company investigates such accusations and takes the necessary steps. This will help to restore their image and get rid of negative impressions.
  3. Many retail outlets in the market offer similar products. Nike has been limited to shoes; they should create other labels and fashion lines that reflect their unique style and stand out from other companies. It will help the company grow.

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Recommendations for Nike

Here are some tips for Nike to boost their market position from experts:

  • Improve the health and safety of employees.
  • People’s development through an extended shot.
  • Encourage workers to be innovative
  • The team’s morale is improved by achieving team goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

❤️ How do you pronounce Nike’s brand name?

As confirmed by the chairman of Nike, Ni-key is the correct and only way that you can pronounce Nike. Both the logo and brand name were inspired by Nike, a Greek goddess who is victorious.

❤️ Are Adidas and Nike more well-known than?

This is a safe question to answer as Nike is the leading brand of athletic apparel and footwear in the world. It also happens to be the most well-known and profitable sports brand worldwide. 

The brand’s sales and revenue are exceptional and much higher than its main competitors Adidas and Puma. Although Nike is a younger brand than Adidas, it has managed to surpass the latter with its unique and universal designs.

❤️ Is Nike a small company with a weak global presence?

While Nike has many weaknesses, such as a lack of diversification and dependence on the west market, a lower direct strength in retailing, and a weak presence, these are not major problems. 

It has one of the seven largest empires in the world. It is represented in over 170 countries through retail outlets. This explains why it exists.

❤️ What’s Nike’s slogan?

Because it is Nike’s slogan or tagline, the phrase “Just do it” has been well-known by a large portion of the population. Many people don’t know that Gary Gilmore, a convicted murderer, was the inspiration for the phrase.

He was killed in Utah by a firing squad in 1977. His final words were “let’s get it done”, which was later changed to “just do it” by Dan Weiden, the executive of Nike’s advertising agency. This phrase has never been seen again.


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