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Sony SWOT Analysis: The SONY brand is a renowned brand in gaming, consumer electronics as well as music, movies as well as imaging products. The company is known for its premium products and its focus on satisfaction with its customers. 

The company’s success worldwide is due to its constant commitment to the development of new products. In addition to that, the company has focused on creating a moral and friendly image for customers. 

However, it faces intense competition from various brands, including top-of-the-line brands such as Apple as well as Samsung with LG Electronics, and other electronic brands for consumers. 

SONY produces, markets, and sells a wide range of products. It has broken down its business into five primary segments.

The headquarters of the company is in Japan which is the largest market. But, the company earns a significant portion of its revenues through its United States market. 

In the fiscal year of 2019, the company saw an increase in revenues and net sales due to a decrease in demand and the sales of PlayStations televisions, televisions as well as digital cameras. 

The pandemic also harmed its operations across the world. The effect was devastating on the supply chain for SONY as was the case with many other brands across the globe.

sony swot analysis

 The company is continuously increasing its emphasis on innovation to gain a bigger market share and create new possibilities for growth. 

The company also saw an increase in operating and net sales due to its sensing and imaging solutions. 

The future growth of SONY over the next years will depend on its capacity to invent since a significant number of competitors have launched products with cheaper prices, which is causing the profits of SONY to shrink.

“The Birth Of The Word “Sony”

The year was 1955 and the company’s management chose to put the brand name “SONY” in the design of Totsuko products. Three years after they changed its name back to Sony Corporation. 

“Sony” is the name that was chosen “Sony” is a combination of two ideas. The one comes from an understanding of the Latin roots “Sonus” which is the source of the words “sound” or “sound”. 

The second one is “sonny boy” which was then quite common in Japan and refers to the young man with an open mind, and modern. 

The new name is a perfect representation of what is the essence of the business that is comprised of a young group of people who have a zealous enthusiasm for endless creativity.

Since the company’s inception more than 74 years ago the staff has grown from just 20 employees to more than 160,000 employed all over the world.

Sony is always an international corporation. From the beginning, Akio Morita maintained that the company must aim to be in an international market, and not limit its activities to Japan by itself. 

Morita also emphasized ensuring that his Sony logo should be prominently featured across all the products of the company, to enhance the impact and influence of its brand.

When we think of gaming, consumer electronics as well as entertainment, the very first thought that comes to mind is Sony. 

Sony is the world’s largest player in this sector, while other companies are struggling to maintain their position and brand name in the field of electronic technology. Sony has made significant contributions to the three segments.

This is possible only by utilizing the vast experience of experts and fresh strategies. 

To determine Sony’s strengths, weaknesses potential threats, strengths, and weaknesses You must read this analysis of SWOT. 

The company’s founders were Akio Morita as well as Masaru Ibuka and its headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. Kenichiro Yoshida is the current CEO of the company.

SWOT Analysis of Sony Corporation

As a multi-billion dollar giant, Sony Corporation is an extremely complicated organization that requires us to conduct an exhaustive SWOT analysis of the company to gain a better understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The next segments will look at every element in the SWOT study conducted by Sony Corporation.

 Strengths In The SWOT Analysis Of Sony 

❤️ experienced global player: The global marketplace is not just complicated and competitive, it also requires years of expertise to be successful. Sony expanded into Europe and the US as well as Europe in the 60s and 70s in the 1960s and 70s. It was also a key player in the global market way before many of its rivals were established.

❤️ Largest Selection: Catering to the requirements of the market, in general, ensures high profit and long-term viability. From household devices to smartphones and other entertainment options, Sony offers a vast array of consumer goods as well as services.

❤️ High-Quality Products: Providing high-quality products on a regular basis is a lot easier said than done without having the best interests of customers. Sony’s massive investment into R&D has allowed the company to offer quality products with a high standard of service.

❤️ Valuable Brand Since its inception, Sony has obsessively focused on meeting the demands of customers and has allowed the company to develop an extremely valuable brand. In the year 2019, Sony has ranked #39 most admired companies and #60 among the most valuable Brands.

❤️ Highly innovative: Sony is one of the most creative companies that have developed or played a role in the creation of groundbreaking consumer products. Starting with Trinitron Color TV to Blu-Ray disc, VCR, Walkman, compact discs along with Crystal LED TV, Sony has been a major contributor to the market for consumer electronics.

❤️ A Loyal Base of Customers Sony has built up an extensive as well as faithful client base. One example is that the loyalty scheme offered by Sony to players using PlayStation has made sure that they won’t even consider switching to a competitor.

 Weaknesses In The SWOT Analysis Of Sony 

❤️ Dependence on Electronics: Sony is heavily dependent on electronics, including cameras, TVs, and smartphone image sensors. In the fourth quarter of the 2019/20’s financial year, Sony’s operating profits fell by 57 percent due to a dramatic decrease in the demand for electronics.

❤️ Negative publicity If a company is compromised, it exposes information about trade practices to rivals and also can create a perception of incompetence among the public. The year 2014 was the time that Sony had been hacked, resulting in the disclosure of trade secrets that were sensitive that strained relationships with other businesses.

❤️ expensive products: Regardless of the item, the price is important. Sony has premium products that come that have greater price tags than the majority of consumers. This is a huge problem because the cost can deter a significant number of prospective buyers.

❤️ Poor Marketing When compared to other competitors such as Apple or Xbox, Sony’s marketing efforts and promotional efforts are not as effective and considerably less. Consumer products require a lot of marketing and promotion in order to sell regardless of the quality of the image.

Opportunities In The SWOT Analysis Of Sony 

❤️ Focus on emerging economies: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that growth in the economy will be higher in emerging markets, at 4.7 percent than in developed markets with 2.1 percent in the next years. Sony extends operations into the emerging markets and capitalizes on the growing purchasing capacity within these economies.

❤️ Improve Medical Imaging The market for medical displays is expected to increase at a rate of 4.4 percent from 2018 to 2025. Sony operates in this sector and is only required to improve its imaging division to benefit from the anticipated growth.

❤️ Diversify the Offerings: Even though Sony’s PlayStation is an important player in the gaming industry but this division is not able to provide the ability to diversify its offerings. In one sense, the increasing demand for mobile-based games is increasing. Sony is able to diversify its gaming business to provide more games that are mobile-based.

❤️ Expand by Acquisition: Instead of relying too heavily on the electronics market for consumers, Sony can leverage its enormous financial resources to purchase creative startups in lucrative areas such as Software development.

Threats In The SWOT Analysis Of Sony 

❤️ The devastation caused by the Recession: The economic destruction caused by the pandemic has pushed countries further and further to recede. In times of economic crisis high-priced premium items that aren’t essential as Sony’s products are often the first to suffer.

❤️ Stiff Competition Starting from LG in televisions to Samsung in mobiles, in addition to Nintendo on gaming. Sony faces tough competition across all areas of its focus. In India, Sony’s sales have dropped for three consecutive years since competitors cut market share. Sony could lose money in the near future when new and established competitors step up their game.

❤️ Technologies that are advancing: Even though technological advancements are always welcome and welcomed, HTML0 bridges an important gap between established brands and those who are new. In the past decade, technological advancements have allowed newcomers such as Techno as well as TCL to provide quality products that can be a substitute for Sony’s however at lower costs. less expensive cost.

❤️ Oversaturation of Markets Sony Mobile was forced to leave Southeast Asia after an increasing supply of smartphones resulted in oversaturation. As more companies are introduced to Sony’s market, the market demand and the profitability of its products will decrease.

❤️ Global Pandemic: Businesses across the globe are facing a shortage of demand and uncertainty because of the pandemic. Sony’s operating profits in its first quarter in 2020 sank to more than 30 percent to the lowest level in the last four years. If the problem persists or becomes worse the harm to the financial health of the company is likely to be irreparable.

❤️ Risques Possibilities of Hackers: Any company that is in the electronics, film gaming, and electronics industry is vulnerable to the dangers of hackers, which could result in millions of dollars in lawsuits and losses. Sony Pictures has expertise in the devastating consequences of a security breach.

❤️ Growing Counterfeiting: Trade in counterfeit goods is 3.3 percent of the worldwide trade and is growing. The most expensive products, like Sony’s TVs, phones, and gaming consoles are the most popular targets for counterfeiters.

Limited SWOT Analysis Sony Corporation

While it is true that the SWOT analysis is used widely to plan strategic strategies, however, it does have some limitations.

  • Certain abilities or aspects of an organization could be both a strength as well as a weak point at the same. This is among the main drawbacks that SWOT analysis has. For instance, changing environmental regulations can be an opportunity and a threat to the company. However, as well as an opportunity in the sense that it allows the company to compete on the same level or even gain an advantage over competitors if it can develop its products quicker than competitors.
  • SWOT is not able to show you how to gain competitive advantages and therefore it shouldn’t be a complete solution.
  • The matrix serves as an initial point of reference for an analysis of how the proposed strategies might be implemented. It also provided an evaluation window, but not an implementation plan based upon its strategic competitiveness. Sony Corporation
  • It is a static analysis and analysis of the existing conditions and a small number of potential modifications. When circumstances, capabilities as well as threats, and strategies alter, the dynamic of a competitive setting cannot be analyzed in one single matrix.
  • SWOT analysis can make a firm overemphasize one external or internal aspect when formulating strategies. There are interrelations among important external and internal elements that SWOT cannot reveal that could be crucial in determining strategies.

A SWOT Analysis That Is Weighted For Sony Corporation

Due to the previously stated weaknesses of the SWOT analysis/ matrix, the corporate management determined to give the weightage to every internal strength and weakness of the business. 

They also consider the likeliness of events that will occur in the near future, and the impact they can be on the performance of the company.

This technique is referred to as the Weighted SWOT analysis. It’s superior to simple SWOT analysis since With weighted SWOT analysis Sony Corporation managers can focus on the most important elements and ignore the less crucial ones. 

It also eliminates the problem of the long list, which is when organizations create an extensive list, but none is considered to be important.

Sony’s SWOT Analysis – Recommendations

There are many important issues highlighted within this SWOT review by Sony Corporation. 

The lack of major mobile devices is an important problem. Although the company does offer mobile devices, the suggestion is to use aggressive marketing and further improvement of these products in order to increase the revenue of the company. 

These are important in light of the huge profits potential in the global market for mobile devices. Additionally, Sony must address the security issues of its databases and networks, as security is the key to customer satisfaction. 

The recommendation is that the company implement constant improvement to keep its security in line with current technology. This advice also addresses the risk of cyberattacks. 

Furthermore, it is suggested that Sony should implement rapid innovation in conjunction with the development of new products to grow the company’s business. 

For instance, the rapid pace of innovation can boost the market share of the company and potential earnings in the mobile device market. 

This SWOT analysis suggests several steps Sony can adopt to improve its weaknesses and deal with the major threats that exist in the gaming, electronics entertainment, and financial services industries.


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Its SWOT assessment of Sony that is discussed in the article revealed the major advantages of the company that can be seen in the variety of offerings, including being a worldwide brand, with a solid image of its brand image, creating many unique products, displaying the highest quality in technology, and providing an excellent after-sales service.

The brand’s weak point is its pricing as it is not well-diversified in its products compared to its rivals, giving more attention to promotional offers and offering fewer options for mobile.

Sony sees huge opportunities in a variety of other markets where it hasn’t set up in the present, such as greater sales, more products since it is a multinational business as well as having more customers via the internet channels. 

Sony sees a threat from its rivals as well as fluctuating rates in foreign currencies, less frequent innovations, and pirated software.

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