Nintendo SWOT Analysis 2021

Nintendo SWOT Analysis 2021

After the flop market share of Nintendo Wii and Wii U, No one really anticipated anything out of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch. 

Like the other consoles, many expected the Switch to be a failure in the outside world of Japan. 

However, the reality was far better than the predictions. In reality, it is it was the Nintendo Switch sales exploded in Japan as well as in the West.

However, the Switch isn’t intended for all users. Although it’s a huge hit, however, some view it as an overhyped device that doesn’t have the most recent and popular games. 

Users who love the console do not like the way Nintendo tackles a variety of significant and console-breaking problems. Some are also dissatisfied by the absence of games designed specifically for Nintendo this year.

The SWOT review of Nintendo Switch Console highlights the things that people love about the console and the ones which make them shudder (hello cloud-based saves!). 

The report also outlines the possibilities Nintendo offers game developers, as well as the less obvious risks that hinder on-the-fencers purchasing.

nintendo swot analysis

Nintendo – At A Glance

Company Name Nintendo
Industry Video Game / Computer Electronics
Founded September 23, 1989
Founders Fusajiro Yamauchi
CEO Shuntaro Furukawa
Headquarter Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Annual Revenue ¥1.759 Trillion (FY 2021)

Nintendo SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is defined as a method of identifying and analyzing an organization’s strengths potential, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

This is the basis of SWOT analysis. SWOT acronym. The primary purpose of SWOT is to help businesses in becoming more aware of the various factors that affect the business decision. 

SWOT achieves this through analyzing the external and internal aspects that affect the validity of an action.

A Nintendo SWOT Analysis affords a strategic SWOT analysis of the commercial business and its operations. 

It is a Nintendo SWOT analysis was written by the author to give you an impartial and objective overview of the major strengths and weaknesses of the business and also the possibilities for improvement and threats.

Strengths In The SWOT Assessment Of Nintendo

nintendo swot analysis

Strengths are the things that each company excels at within its range of operations that can give the advantage over its rivals. These highlights of Nintendo:

  • Broad distribution: Nintendo has a wide distribution channel and distributes wholesalers and retailers. The firm also offers its products through its own stores and offers its products through several top-quality retailers. Nintendo products can are also available for purchase through Amazon as well as other retail sites online.
  • Skim Pricing: One of the main advantages that Nintendo has is Nintendo is its price method. The games are offered at a premium price at first, and even at the purchase stage, games are priced higher, and later, when the games gain traction, they lower prices to match those of their competitors until they are able to get bargains. The strategy of skimming pricing is one of the main reasons behind the success of their games.
  • MarketingNintendo can be described as a prime example of how effective marketing can make a difference in the sale of any item. As specialist games, Nintendo’s games Nintendo is not designed to meet an exact need. Hence, all the way from the creation of a need to distribution Nintendo manages every element of the marketing.
  • Long-term perspective Different from other gaming companies, Nintendo offers a longer-term view of its product. Therefore, the company puts much importance on research and development in its products, which will result in the satisfaction of customers. Also, there’s a great deal of attention paid to managing stakeholder relationships and stakeholder relationship management.
  • The tie-up is together with Disney: Nintendo has joined forces with Disney which has enhanced the popularity of their most important clientele, which is kids. The idea was to put Disney characters on Nintendo playing cards. This helped them gain traction in the family segment.
  • Humans know-how employer: Nintendo is known to look after its employees and their wages are extremely high.

 Weaknesses In The SWOT Assessment Of Nintendo

nintendo swot analysis

They are utilized to indicate areas in which the company or image requires improvement. One of the major shortcomings that Nintendo has Nintendo are:

  • Console failure The most popular product from Nintendo has is the Wii gaming console. The console’s gaming capabilities did not click, resulting in an immense product failure, which resulted in a number of losses to their business. The company also failed to manage its distribution, advertising the sale of low-cost replicas.
  • The loss of goodwill the company’s image was damaged by the Wii console issue, and this caused customers to lose confidence in the business. The company’s loyal brand customers began to switch to another brand.
  • Inability to maintain the margins These games represent an industry with a low margin and the business must consider the size of its profit. Due to the increase in competition from both big as well as small-sized players business has become divided and margins are getting more difficult to attain.
  • Cost-effective promotion: Nintendo launches new products regularly and a lot of these launches are costly and extravagant. A few of their routine procedures during launch events include handing freebies to customers, which are also eating into promotional budgets.

Opportunities In The SWOT Assessment Of Nintendo

nintendo swot analysis

  • The development of infrastructures The growth of the Internet network provides possibilities for expanding the range of products. Nintendo can modify its products to meet the needs of consumers who require accessibility. Nintendo is able to make use of the growing resources and gain new markets.
  • Emerging technologies The incredible speed of technological advancement is one of the major driving factors in gaming. Technology and gaming have a common bond and both push one another forward. Holography, VR/AR technology, and improved graphics are a few of the opportunities that are growing. So should Nintendo stays on top of the trends, they’ll benefit from the expanding possibilities of technology.
  • Expanding the target segment expansion Nintendo is among the largest players in the field. They have the resources and capability to provide products for an increased number of customers.

As we’ve mentioned before, Nintendo needs to diversify its offerings and move into more of a “serious” section. This can be achieved by focusing on more non-cartoonish content.

Threats In The SWOT Assessment Of Nintendo

nintendo swot analysis

  • serious competition Undoubtedly, Nintendo operates in an industry that is flooded with fierce rivals. PlayStation as well as Xbox are among the best and fighting them is not easy. Even with a greater price strategy, PlayStation and Xbox firmly maintain their market share. As of now, Nintendo struggles in capturing more markets due to the differences in content offered.
  • Avoiding online gaming The gaming industry has developed considerably in the last decade. Playing through story modes is enjoyable, but it’s a shorter time. However, online gaming and playing with real-life players worldwide provide more time to play. 

The competition of Nintendo recognizes this they have an area of equalization within a short time. Presently, Nintendo has a serious issue of keeping up with the latest trends.


After an in-depth study of the swot analyses of Nintendo, We’ve concluded that Nintendo is in fact the world’s most popular video gaming corporation. 

The piracy problem, the health and exercise patterns, substitute products, and a defective switch are just a few of the major issues. 

Nintendo should make use of its resources to increase its range of VR/AR games to tackle these issues.

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