Instagram Swot Analysis 2021

Instagram Swot Analysis 2021

A SWOT analysis of Instagram: IG is also known as Insta (also known as Instagram is a US-based photo and video sharing social media site that is a Facebook affiliate brand. 

Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom created the basis of Instagram in October 2010. It was initially iOS but the company launched it for Android in April of 2012.

Since launching Instagram to the public, it gained one million users in two months. In addition, the platform drew 10 million users during its first two years. 

This rapid growth attracted the interest of Facebook which is the largest social media site, which purchased the newly-launched multimedia platform for one billion dollars of cash and stock.

The Instagram app is the world’s fourth most downloaded app since the year 2010. According to the latest statistics, Instagram has approximately more than 1billion active monthly users and more than 500 million active daily users. Cristiano Ronaldo has over 253 million followers on Instagram.

Today, we’ll look at the swot analytics of Instagram. It will focus on the internal and external factors impacting the growth of the videos/photos-sharing social media platform. Here’s a SWOT analysis of Instagram in the following manner;

instagram swot analysis

SWOT Analysis for Instagram

The SWOT analysis of Instagram provides insight into the company’s strengths as well as its weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

The strengths and the weaknesses of Instagram are internal elements that the company is able to control and may alter. 

Threats and opportunities are external elements that the business does not have control over. The company can take action on opportunities and counter challenges but it cannot alter the circumstances.


 The biggest strength of Instagram is its community and value proposition. People on the platform are sharing beautiful, inspiring photos for others to appreciate.

By being a part of this ecosystem, your media company will find new touchpoints for reaching and communicating with your audiences. Not to mention, Instagram is low-touch and extremely efficient on the user side:

how many photos could you swipe through in an hour when you’re taking a brain break? Most likely, you can digest more photos than blog posts or ebooks.

There are several other strengths to consider:

  • Massive audience reach
  • High engagement levels
  • A way to engage with audiences that adds value and isn’t salesy
  • Hashtags to capitalize on real-time trends
  • A way to engage with readers and prospective readers in a channel that they love 


From a publisher’s perspective, Instagram’s biggest weakness is that its web traffic is self-contained. Currently, there is no way to link to your site or drive traffic from the platform. If you build an audience on Instagram, you’re going to need to engage with them on the platform.

As a publisher, web traffic is the bread and butter of your company. Not to mention, publishers are always in a crunch for more eyeballs.

If you’re looking for a low-hanging burst in website traffic, Instagram probably won’t help: your best option here is likely a focus on SEO or paid channel advertising.

What’s important to keep in mind, however, is that web traffic market share is getting more difficult to attain. You can’t just compel people into clicking your links:

you need to provide information or an offer that delivers a strong value proposition. That being said, Instagram can help you reinforce your media company’s brand identity. 

Instead of thinking about Instagram as a way to drive traffic, think about it as a top-of-funnel marketing investment. With this perspective, some companies will want to delay their decisions to join Instagram:

for instance, you may want to wait until you’ve already developed a steady, repeatable traffic stream and have the resources to invest in more top-of-funnel activities. The right path forward depends on the stage of your company.


As a relatively new social media platform—compared to Facebook and Twitter, which are both more established—Instagram is a space that is still being defined: the company is still testing monetization and traffic circulation features.

Joining the platform now will have its advantages because you can study engagement patterns and set your own trends.

There’s a strong window of opportunity for your media company to establish itself and build a presence.

Eventually, there will likely be algorithms to fight and competition through paid channel advertising networks.

By getting into the ground floor early, however, you’ll be in a great position to explore new opportunities on Instagram as they arise. With an established following, investment in PPC will go further.

Not to mention, you can also test the company’s up-and-coming monetization channels to carve out new revenue streams for your advertiser partners.

It’s a story in the making, and your brand can become a core part of it.


Just like any other social media platform, the Instagram ecosystem is changing. Over time, it’s going to become competitive—especially now that the company has an open ads API that allows for tasks including scheduling and publishing content.

This technology will give established players and big, resource-driven organizations a competitive advantage. But here’s the thing: the ecosystem is still early enough that any company could become a dominant player.

You shouldn’t let future competition scare you. You’re a competitive player right now.


What is the SWOT analysis of Instagram?

A SWOT analysis for Instagram provides insight into the company’s strengths as well as its weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These are all internal elements that the company is to some degree in control of and are subject to alter. Threats and opportunities are external elements that the company does not have control over.

What are Instagram’s strengths?

Strengths. The most significant benefit for Instagram lies in its social network and its value proposition. Users on Instagram are sharing inspiring, beautiful images for other users to enjoy. As a participant in this community, your media company can find new avenues for reaching out to and communicating with your customers.

What are the opportunities for Instagram?

  • More Consumers and Businesses Are Participating every day. 
  • It is easy to target (and easily retarget) your audience.
  • Make the most of all the visual marketing Features of Instagram. 
  • Engage with customers where they Have Time.
  • Create User-Generated Content.

What is missing on Instagram?

The reason for disappearing accounts could include the accidental removal following a technical issue at Instagram’s side, accidental deletion due to a technical glitch on the Instagram part, intentional deletion by an account owner password hackers, hacker activity, or other users who report an account’s violations of Instagram’s terms and conditions of service, or the possibility of use of these tools to report violations.

Who uses Instagram the most?

In July 2021, India had been the top country in terms of Instagram number of users, with 180 million users using the photo editing and sharing application, then followed by the United States with 170 million users. Brazil came in third place having 11 million Instagram users, beating out Indonesia with 93 million.

What is the benefit of an Instagram account?

Instagram’s content is more engaging for users than other social media visual content on YouTube and Pinterest. In addition, Instagram helps you engage with your customers via the social network and increases the chances that you will be able to bring customers back for more purchases.

What is the features of Instagram?

Image viewing as long as 10 sec. Unlimited stories with new content. Direct messaging in Stories. Swipe left or right on the camera’s screen and you will be able to open videos and photos from your camera roll (You have access only to photos and videos on your camera roll within the last seven days)

Can we earn money from Instagram?

Instagram lets you earn money by earning money with the aid of IGTV ads Branded Content, badges, shopping, as well as Affiliate Marketing. However, creators can also earn through paid content, fan membership, and licensing content they create, and even by working as consultants.

What is the future of Instagram 2021?

8 Trends Changing The Future of Instagram Marketing in 2021
A Concentration on Instagram E-Commerce Tools. short-form video content on Instagram takes the lead. Instagram’s Carousel Posts and memes will (Continue up to) become viral. The increase in diversity and Inclusion on Instagram.


Instagram is the World’s leading videos/photos-sharing social media platform. Its biggest advantages are its community of influencers and huge reach. 

Many people earn income by advertising other brands and merchandise on Instagram. The biggest issues are low visibility and the regular posting. 

The popularity of media on the internet has grown rapidly over the past few years and Instagram has been among the first of the pack and has been on top of the heap.

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