SWOT Analysis of Google 2022 ❤️

Swot Analysis of Google Company 2022

Google Swot Analysis is the best option to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Google company.

SWOT analysis is a simple but useful framework used to evaluate an organization’s competitive position and to develop strategic planning.  

Nowadays technology is developing rapidly and you can get any information from the internet. The global search engine has revolutionized the digital world.


For instance, if one is finding something unspecified and has no idea about that then no need to ask anyone, just go on google and find it

In Swot Analysis of Google, market changes are considered, related to rapid technological advancement and changes in customer choices and expectations.

Before going to depth in Swot Analysis of Google LLC 2022 I lead you on the Google company background.

Google Overview

Google LLC is a multinational technology company in America that specializes in Internet-related services and products. It was founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Company Name Google
Logo Google SWOT Analysis
Type Subsidiary (LLC)


Cloud computing

Computer software

Computer hardware

Artificial intelligence


Founded September 4, 1998
  • Larry Page
  • Sergey Brin
  • 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, United States
  • Queenstown, Singapore (Asia-Pacific)

Sundar Pichai (CEO)

Products List of products
Revenue 182,527,000,000 United States dollar (2020)
Net income
40,269,000,000 United States dollar (2020)
Number of employees
135,301 (2020)


Google SWOT Analysis
Google SWOT Analysis

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Google SWOT Analysis 2022

SWOT Analysis of Google 2022 examines the internal and external factors of the company which is used for the technology company’s strategic planning and competitive positioning.

Strengths of Google 2022

According to Forbes, “the world’s most valuable brand list,” Google is ranked at No.2 position after Apple. Google is an extremely recognized brand in the world.

It is the world’s most popular search engine and at the core of Google’s multi-billion advertising empire. Because of its search engine, it built a strong brand recognition that Google enjoys worldwide.

By displaying more unique information that did not readily come up elsewhere, by this way Google set itself apart from the rest competitors.

Starting from its search engine to google maps, Gmail, google news, and chrome browser Google has brought a very wide variety of online products and services used globally by individuals as well as business users.

Google has successfully welcomed mobile and Android technologies, giving it the possibility to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone.

High ability for technological innovation strengthens product development, which maintains the company’s point against competitors that are also technologically advanced.

For many years, Google has noticed steady growth in its revenue and income from Advertising and nonadvertising sources.

Weaknesses of Google 2022

Most of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. Online advertising is expected to grow in double digits in the short term. But in the long run, Google may experience slow income growth or even a decline.

Google is often involved in lawsuits over breached patents and other intellectual property. These litigation are expensive and time-consuming and distract the company from innovating rather than disputing.

Between the search engine and the apps constantly running in the background of your phone, users dislike how much access Google has to user information. Unluckily for them, it’s quite difficult to live a “Google-free life”.

By many experts, Google faced a lot of controversies related to user privacy, especially when it comes to protecting data about algorithms. The company has since taken action to address the claim.

Google cares most about the “cost-per-click” (CPC) measurement. It defines how much advertisers will pay for traffic. Relying primarily on ad revenue is risky. If the CPC decreases, Google’s profits decline with it.

While Google has since its foundation focused on employee satisfaction and motivation, the CEO Sunder Pichai recently publicly accepted that the company was dealing with employee discontent.

As the most used search engine, Google exploits this power unfairly to stop the entry of new rivals in the area.

Google raised the subscription price of its services per month. It can lose a majority of the 2 million YouTube subscribers due to the price hike.

Opportunities of Google 2022

The company is prepared to market its newly introduced Google Glasses and Google Play to boost Google’s progress and development.

The most substantial opportunity for Google is its noticeable efforts in the Android Operating System provision to directly compete with Apple iOS.

Google has plenty of opportunities for long-term growth, including wearable technologies, driverless cars, smart home efforts, robotics projects, artificial intelligence, medical equipment, and even medicine.

With Microsoft and Zoom making billions from their video calling services which increased demand for remote work solutions immensely.

Google introduced a new digital store, which offers cloud-based software to all organizations.

With Android M (6.0), which will appear later this year, Google will add context-based searches of apps and replacements of app-based browsers with Chrome overlays. Both moves could help Google mine data from apps, even if they’re tethered to Facebook’s ecosystem.

Google needs to start a new strategy and aim to build a non-Ad Business Model. In this effort, Google has introduced paid services such as Google CloudYoutube TV subscription, Google Play (sales of apps), Hardware (Nest, Pixel phones, Fitbit), etc. 

The opportunity to develop new products to grow the technology business. For example, the company could expand its product mix to add new smart devices that use existing products like ‘Google Assistant’. 

In the coming years too and after the arrival of 5G, the number of mobile users will continue to rise and so will the revenue being generated from mobile advertising. 

To invest to expand new enterprise market opportunities like Android for Work and Chrome for Work, Google Play Music.

Threats of Google 2022

Google is facing severe competition from other companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook which are its leading rivals of Google.

Very possibly the greatest threat to Google is the considerable amount of money it must spend in defending itself in court.

Due to highly discretionary sources of revenue, the Economic downturn particularly affects Google. 

Since every stage is having its mobile interfaces directing the customer to straight access the web applications, Mobile Computing is becoming a major threat leading to Ad revenue Loss.

High Advertisement Cost leads to the shifting of Companies to other platforms such as Social Media Sites.

The pandemic destroyed the operations and earnings of many companies, including Google

To Google’s future success, data privacy, security concerns, and regulations become a serious threat.

Recommendations for SWOT Analysis of Google LLC

The challenges to strategic growth at Google focus on the risks and weaknesses that are analyzed during the SWOT analysis. Google’s lack of control over Android devices is related to user experience inconsistency.

This impacts brand image, the satisfaction of customers, and profit. One suggestion to address this issue is to negotiate agreements with manufacturers in order to achieve more uniformity in the design and user experience particularly with regard to Google devices and products.

In addition, this SWOT analysis pinpoints the weaknesses of Google’s lagging brick-and-mortar presence for consumer electronic products. 

This creates Google difficult to provide personalized customer experiences that are first-hand. This issue could affect the experience of customers and revenue through the sale of items such as Pixel smartphones as well as Google Home. 

It is suggested that Google set up brick-and-mortar stores for sales of hardware in strategic areas. Additionally, Google could enter new space-sharing arrangements with big-box retailers to build kiosks or store-within-a-store areas for its consumer electronic products.

Regulative restrictions could limit Google’s use of the advantages of its data mining and analytics capabilities. 

The privacy and user consent regulations oblige companies to restrict the collection and use of personal data. 

When considering the internal as well as external factors in this SWOT assessment of Google and other companies, it is suggested to ensure that the company is in full compliance and continuous enhancement of its products to enhance the user experience, including making it easier for users to control over their data. 

Furthermore, making sure that users understand that the business is committed to its data compliance improves the corporate brand and image.

Counterfeiting and imitation of products is a risk discovered in this SWOT study of Google. This external threat affects Google’s competitiveness as well as market share, particularly in the area of consumer electronic products. 

To counter this threat it is suggested that Google adopt a dual-track strategy that includes legally and in marketing. 

Google could employ legal methods to stop or eliminate counterfeit electronic consumer products from the marketplace. 

However, Google could use marketing campaigns to educate and assist customers distinguish genuine from counterfeit goods.

The SWOT analysis has limitations Google

While SWOT analysis is a popular tool for strategic planning, SWOT analysis is used widely to plan strategic strategies however, it does have its fair share of drawbacks.

  • Certain aspects or capabilities of an organization could be both a strength as well as a weak point at the same. This is among the main drawbacks of SWOT analyses. Changes in environmental regulations could be an opportunity and a threat to the company. However, as well as an opportunity in the sense that it allows the company to compete on the same level or gain an advantage over its competitors if it can develop its products more quickly than its competitors.
  • SWOT is not a method of determining how to get a competitive edge and therefore it shouldn’t be a complete solution.
  • The matrix is merely an initial point of reference for discussions on how suggested strategies can be implemented. It also provided an evaluation time frame, but it did not provide a plan of implementation that is based on Google’s strategic competitiveness. Google
  • The SWOT model is a static evaluation and analysis of the current conditions with only a few potential modifications. When circumstances, capabilities as well as threats, and strategies alter, the dynamic of a competitive setting cannot be analyzed in one matrix.
  • SWOT analysis can make a firm overemphasize one external or internal aspect when formulating strategies. There are interrelations among important external and internal aspects that SWOT doesn’t reveal, which could be crucial in determining strategies.

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The SWOT Analysis is weighted by Google

Given the above-identified shortcomings of the SWOT analysis/ matrix, the corporate management determined to give an appropriate amount of weightage to every internal strength and weakness of the business. 

They also consider the likeliness of events that will occur in the near future and the impact they will be on the company’s performance.

This method is known as the Weighted SWOT analysis. It’s superior to simple SWOT analysis as using weighted SWOT analysis Google managers are able to focus on the most important aspects and eliminate the less important ones. 

This also helps solve the long list issue which is when organizations make an extensive list, but none of the elements are considered to be crucial.


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