Big Bazaar SWOT Analysis [Update 2022] ❤️

Big Bazaar SWOT Analysis 2022

SWOT Analysis of Big Bazaar examines Strengths and Weaknesses as well as Opportunities and Threats. 

In the SWOT Analysis Big Bazaar, the strengths and weaknesses represent internal factors while the opportunities and threats represent external factors.

SWOT Analysis, a proven management tool that allows Big Bazaar brands to compare their business and results to those of other brands and the industry, is validated. Big Bazaar is also a major lifestyle and retail retailer in the industry.

Strengths in Big Bazaar’s SWOT analysis

  • Big Bazaar enjoys high brand equity
  • Modern infrastructure
  • You can find a wide range of products under one roof
  • Customers love the low prices they receive every day
  • Maximum percentage of footfalls that result in sales
  • Huge investment capacity
  • India’s largest retail chain by value
  • The entire family can enjoy a shopping experience at the same time.
  • Online ordering and delivery of products are possible.

Weaknesses in Big Bazaar’s SWOT Analysis

  • Big Bazaar cannot be present on the international markets. Its presence is limited to India only.
  • Big Bazaar does not plan its retail according to budget, lifestyle, or taste.
  • The store opening hours are not properly managed.
  • Competitors and new entrants are causing revenue to drop.
  • Big Bazaar is full during specials
  • Billing can be tedious as billing executives have to explain Future Pay cards to each customer.
  • Some products advertised are not available in the store.

Opportunities according to the SWOT analysis of Big Bazaar

  • There is a lot of potential in Indian organized retail, which currently stands at around 4%.
  • India is experiencing a growing mall culture
  • These days, more people prefer big stores that offer large selections under one roof.

Threats according to the SWOT analysis of Big Bazaar

  • Other value retail chains like Shoprite, Reliance(Fresh and Trends), Hypercity, and D mart are also in competition.
  • Big Bazaar’s business is also being threatened by unorganized retail. A large portion of the population prefers to shop at local convenience stores for their daily needs
  • Modifying Government policies
  • Indian players seeking to foray into India

SWOT analysis weighted

  • After identifying opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses, the Big Bazaar SWOT Analysis is applied, and a weighted approach to Big Bazaar SWOT Analysis can be used.
  • Decision-making that is based on SWOT analysis weighted can improve the Strategic Competitiveness of Big Bazaar. It also leads to a more detailed strategic analysis.
  • The probability of the occurrence, intensity, and impact on the environment are the factors that determine the weights.
  • Big Bazaar can use weight assignment to identify which areas should be emphasized, which areas can go unnoticed in the short term, and which areas are best avoided for the long term because of their low importance.

However, weighted SWOT analysis can be a more effective approach than traditional unweighted SWOT analyses. 

Weighted SWOT analysis has its limitations. This approach, however, is not able to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of both internal and external factors on the business over the long- and short-term.

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