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Best Buy SWOT Analysis 2022

Best Buy is a leader in technology products and services. Solutions Best Buy was established in the late 1960s as a specialty store.

The company was established in large part during the 1980s when it was renamed and then listed. The New York Stock Exchange

It climbed to the top of the big-box box The electronics retailer pyramid offers unbeatable service and expert advice. Consumers pay more than 1.5 billion dollars per year.

The company has designed and operated in America, where more than 70% of the population lives within 15 Minutes of a Best Buy Store, as well as in Canada and Mexico for Best You can have both a physical and an online presence by purchasing.

Best Buy, with 1,050 stores, is the largest consumer electronics retailer. Locations in the United States, and 1,779 locations around the world including $39.49 Million dollars in revenue for the year 2015.

Best Buy is also a major player in the global marketplace is America’s sixth-largest e-commerce site States with thirty-one million users per month

With so many users per month, It has a more efficient operational structure to help it support its e-commerce. Business. Best Buy believes it can bring a new era to growth.

Company Background

Company Name Best Buy Inc. (NYSE: BBY)
Industry Retail (Computing, consumer electronics, and appliances)
Incorporated 1966 Minnesota
Revenues (fiscal 2021) $47,262 million
Net Income (fiscal 2021) $1,798 million
Total Stores (end 2020) 1,159
US Stores (end 2020) 991
Employees 102,000
CEO Corie Barry
ROI (Non-GAAP) 19.1%

Abut Best Buy’s

Best Buy started as a small store that sold audio products known under the name “Sound Of Music” which specialized in the sale of stereo and related audio products. 

The company was founded in 1966 by Richard Scholes in 1966 St. Paul Minnesota. After the success of the business, they made the decision to expand their business and, in the end, focused on providing the widest range of electric appliances. 

They quickly became a hit The sales began to increase significantly and by 1983, they changed their name to “Best Purchase”.

Over the next ten years, the company’s sales increased between 9.3 million to 1.6 Billion dollars. 

It became the leading electronic retailer across the U.S. in the year 1993. However, following the advent of the internet, it was evident that there was an evolution in the way that commerce was conducted. 

E-Commerce was the new trend that caused a decline in the number of retail stores in the same situation.

Best Buy was still in the game, however, they were unable to keep up with the major brands like Amazon. 

Therefore, after 2009, the company began to fall and was not capable of generating a lot of sales.

By 2012, a lot of industrial analysts predicted that the company would be insolvent. In 2014, however, they came back after hiring a brand new chief executive Hubert Joly. 

They emphasized more on customer satisfaction more, in addition to their focus on cutting costs. 

This way they were able to return to their original plan and are now running successfully throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

The Best Buy’s Strengths

  • Customers love the company’s reputation, particularly women who purchase the majority of consumer electronics in the United States.
  • Proven ability to retain customers’ loyalty.
  • Strong marketing expertise in the electronics sector.
  • With 1,731 stores, the United States has a large footprint.
  • Good relationships with brands like Apple. In August 2015, Best Buy was the second American store to sell the Apple Watch.
  • E-commerce has a proven track record. Internet Retailer estimates that Best Buy’s online sales grew at 16.7% per year in March 2015. Best Buy generated around $3.54 billion from its online sales.[3]
  • Consumer electronics products like smartphones and video games are growing in demand.
  • On July 31, 2015, there was a large revenue flow of $39.49 trillion.
  • Being a Global Powerhouse is one of the top strengths of best-buys. The best buy is The top-selling tablet, TV, and computer worldwide, the iPad is People living in other countries around the world have a lot of influence and power. Size is another strength of the best buys. 
  • Best buy operates and owns There are over 1,500 stores worldwide, with 80% of sales in-store They estimated that 600,000,000 people visit their site each year.
  • Best Buy’s strength is also the number of cash cow companies. The Star Tribune estimates that 1.5 billion dollars are made worldwide.
  • Free cash flow for one year Best Buy is also well-known for its “Geek Squad”, which is one of its most popular offerings. Strengths.
  • The “Geek Squad”, the best buy’s technical team, helps with the repair. Protect, or Install Products Brand Name Recognition is another strength of Best Buy.
  • Best Buy sells top-of-the-line electronics, appliances, and mobiles. Apple, Microsoft, and Intel are some of the most well-known brands. Canon.

The Weaknesses Of Best Buy

  • Heavy dependence on brick and mortar locations, at a moment when eCommerce is growing at a rate of 15.4% per year.
  • A limited profit margin of 1.92% as of July 31, 2105
  • Cash shortage; Best Buy reported that it had $149 million in cash on July 31, 2015.
  • Highly dependent on supplier credit. This means that a large number of items found in Best Buy stores do not get paid for. Instead, the manufacturer ships the goods to the stores and is paid when they sell. Best Buy might have to pay for the goods if they don’t sell within a certain time frame.
  • The operating expenses of stores are more expensive than online retailers. It’s cheaper to store goods in a warehouse rather than open a brick-and-mortar shop. Each month, a store must be able to pay rent, utilities, and employee salaries.
  • It is dependent on the sales of luxury goods like video games. If the economy fails, then a demand can drop quickly.

Best Buy Opportunities

  • Electronics, including smartphones and games, are gaining in popularity.
  • Companies such as Apple, Google, and video game companies release new products that generate media attention. Best Buy also gets free publicity for the products they sell.
  • Consumer interest in smartphones is increasing, especially for Apple products like the iPhone.
  • Best Buy can increase its sales volume without having to open new stores due to e-commerce’s growing popularity.
  • Best Buy is now the largest consumer electronics retailer in many countries due to the disappearance of Circuit City and Radio Shack.
  • The popularity of Black Friday and other sales holidays is increasing, which in turn drives consumer interest in electronics.
  • New opportunities exist for electronics sales through improvements and enhancements of existing technologies, such as 3D TV.
  • Electronic media are becoming more popular, particularly streaming videos and video games, which increases the need for high-quality electronic products.

Best Buy: Threats

  • Foot traffic is reduced by the digital delivery of electronic media (including movies and video games).
  •, Apple iTunes, and Google Play are replacing brick-and-mortar stores as primary sources of entertainment products like movies and video games.
  • Online retailers aggressively discount electronics. Online retailers such as and B&H, Newegg, and eBay, are increasing their prices below Best Buy.
  • Target, Costco, and Walmart aggressively discount electronics. Walmart often uses video games and television sets as loss leaders to attract customers to its stores.
  • An emerging generation of consumers prefers to shop online for electronics online over visiting brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Shopping as a leisure activity is declining.
  • It is a common belief that electronic products purchased online are cheaper than those purchased in a physical store.
  • Manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple sell electronics directly to consumers., which attracts 77 million users per month, is the fourth most visited retail website in the United States.
  • Declining customer loyalty. Customers today are more inclined to shop around and visit multiple stores before purchasing.
  • Target and Walmart are expanding their online retail business aggressively and are willing to match or lower Best Buy’s prices. Walmart wants to triple its online sales by building four new one-million-square-foot fulfillment centers. Each center will house up to 500,000 products.
  • Some products that Best Buy relies on for its sales could be rendered obsolete by technological changes. Tablets and smartphones, for example, are replacing laptops and personal computers, while streaming video renders DVD players obsolete. Other popular products, such as the video game system, could be rendered obsolete by technological advances in the near future. This will impact Best Buy’s sales.

Limitations of SWOT Analysis for Best Buy

While SWOT analysis is a popular tool for strategic planning, SWOT analysis is used widely to plan strategic strategies however, it does have some limitations.

  • Certain aspects or capabilities of an organization can be both a strength as well as a weak point at the same. This is among the main drawbacks that SWOT analysis has. Changes in environmental regulations can be an opportunity and a threat to the company. However, as well as an opportunity in the sense that it allows companies to compete on the same level or gain an advantage over their competitors when it can develop their products more quickly than their competitors.
  • SWOT doesn’t provide a way to gain competitive advantages and therefore it shouldn’t be considered a solution in and of itself.
  • The matrix serves as an idea to begin discussions on how the proposed strategies might be implemented. It offered an evaluation window, but not any implementation plan that is based on the Strategic Competitiveness Best Buy
  • The SWOT model is a static analysis and analysis of the existing conditions and a small number of potential modifications. As the environment, circumstances, and threats evolve, the dynamics of the competitive landscape cannot be analyzed in one matrix.
  • SWOT analysis can cause a company to focus too much on one external or internal element in formulating strategies. There are interrelations among important external and internal elements that SWOT cannot reveal that can be vital in formulating strategies.

Weighted SWOT Analysis of Best Buy

Given the above-stated shortcomings of the SWOT analysis/ matrix, the corporate management has decided to assign the weightage to every weakness and strength of the business. 

They also consider the likeliness of events happening in the near future and what the effect will be on the company’s performance.

This is referred to as weighted SWOT analysis. It’s superior to basic SWOT analysis as With a weighted SWOT Analysis, Best Buy managers are able to concentrate on the most important aspects and eliminate the less important ones. 

Also, it solves the problem of a long list that causes organizations to make a lengthy list but not address any of the elements that are considered to be important.

Final Word 

It is remarkable to see Best Buy adapting, surviving, and making profits in such a highly competitive market. It is unclear if Best Buy can avoid being like other electronics retailers that failed to adapt to industry changes.

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