Best Buy SWOT Analysis [Update 2022] ❤️

Best Buy SWOT Analysis 2022

Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:) is among the largest multi-channel electronic retailers for consumer electronics. 

Established in 1966, it was an audio store, known as Sound of Music, Best Buy was rebranded in 1983 and then became a nationwide retailer. 

It is a specialist in technological items like computers, televisions, phones DVDs and CDs audio equipment, gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox cameras, as well as other imaging equipment.

The company has shops in Canada as well as previously it was present in China and Mexico as well as the US.

ts subsidiaries are Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, and many more. 

The company currently has the services of 102,000 workers around the world, down from 125,000 employees in 2020.

For 2021 Best buying has recorded revenue of $7,262 billion with similar sales growth of 9.7 percent from the previous year.

While it enjoys a dominating spot in the US, however, it is facing difficulties posed by competitors. 

The main competitions comprise technology providers, mobile operators as well as e-commerce firms as well as traditional store-based retailers, and multi-channel retailers.

Background of Best Buy

Company’s Name Best Buy
Company’s former name Sound of Music (1966-1983), Best Buy Co. Superstore (1983-1984), Best Buy Superstores (1984-1989)
CEO Corie Sue Barry
Company type Public
Year founded August 22, 1966
Number of Employees 102,000
Founder Richard M. Schulze, James Wheeler.
Area served United States, Canada, Mexico
Headquarters Richfield, Minnesota U.S.A
Operating income US$1.90 Billion (2019)

About Best Buy

Best Buy began as an audio specialty store called “Sound Of Music”, which sold stereos and other audio equipment. 

Richard Scholes founded it in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1966. They decided to expand their business after their success with this venture. However, they emphasized the provision of all types of electrical appliances. 

They were a huge success, and sales grew dramatically. In 1983 it changed its name to “Best Buy”.

Their sales increased from 9.3 million to 1.6 billion dollars over the next ten years. They were the most prominent electronics retailer in the United States in 1993. However, the internet revolution has shifted the paradigm in commerce. E-Commerce was the new trend.

This led to a decline in retail outlets. Best buy could still hold on, but couldn’t keep pace with big brands like Amazon. It began to decline after 2009 and it was unable to generate many sales.

Many industrial analysts predicted that they would go bankrupt by 2012. They made a comeback in 2014 after Hubert Joly was appointed as their CEO. 

They emphasized customer satisfaction and cut down on expenses. They were able to get back on track and now run successfully in the U.S.A, Mexico, and Canada.

Strengths In The SWOT Analysis For Best Buy’s  

The table below provides what is the Best Buy SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Threats) and the Top Best Buy competitors and includes its market target segmentation, positioning, and its Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

❤️ Market leader Best Buy is the market leader in the electronic sector. The company has extended its operations to a variety of countries, including Mexico, China as well as Canada through several acquisitions. The company is home to around 1400 stores.

❤️ Reputation as well as reputation The Most Popular Buy has slowed the growth of the online shopping huge as well as other platforms online. The Best Buy brand is the most sought-after brand for a lot of Americans. It is certain that Best Buy is among the top destinations for those seeking any kind of electronic whether small or large.

❤️ High customer reachabilityBest Buy has a large number of customers through the internet and online media. It has loyal as well as loyal customers that provide an important increase for the company.

❤️ Massive product range Huge product line Best Buy has a wide selection of products that are consumer-friendly and it also offers its own brands of products. Some of their brands include Dynex, Rocketfish, Insignia, Modal, Init, Pacific Sales, and Magnolia Home Theatre.

❤️ Services plan The company offers an outstanding service plan for its customers.

❤️ The warranty policy Best Buy’s products have an excellent policy regarding warranty.

 Weaknesses In The SWOT Analysis For Best Buy’s 

❤️ Dependence on electronics The best buying is a hugely dependent company on the electronic industry and consumer technology. This puts it at risk since it is dependent on a volatile marketplace impacted by economic conditions and technological advances from companies that are newer. It should be vigilant about potential threats that could be disruptive that could be posed by smart home devices, as well as voice assistants.

❤️ limited customer demographics Best Buy’s demographic of customers is restricted to those who are active or interested in buying. This puts it in danger since more than 50% of the world’s population are considered to be passive customers who don’t buy items in a rush. The company needs to expand its reach to customers who are not in this group to stay in the game and boost sales revenues.

 Opportunities In The SWOT Analysis For Best Buy’s 

❤️ Digital sales and marketing: The pandemic has increased the speed of the digital transformation of the retail industry. The emphasis is now more on marketing and sales via digital. Retail businesses depend on the use of digital tools to sell as well as market, more so than they have ever before customers across the world are using smartphones and shopping apps in greater numbers. Greater usage of digital channels and social media to promote sales, marketing, and customer interaction can assist the business in achieving greater growth.

❤️ HR management: HR management must be an important area of focus for the retail brand. Best Buy must invest in its human capital as well as its satisfaction to lower turnover and improve the productivity of employees. The company is investing in the application of technology to manage HR. But, the emphasis must be placed on making the technology part of the company’s culture to ensure superior efficiency, greater satisfaction of employees as well as efficiency improvements, and reduced costs.

❤️ International expansion: Best Buy has a limited international presence in comparison to the most prominent retail stores that are located in the United States. The company has made the decision to end its Mexico operations, which means that Canada will be the only remaining international market. Best Buy can expand its operations to European as well as Asian markets, as well as emerging markets to boost its revenue and sales. Emerging markets such as India provide a significant opportunity to boost revenue and sales. In addition to a huge market of middle-class consumers as well, this market offers the perfect chance to establish a presence without competition from the biggest retailers.

❤️ Private label brands: However, Best Buy also offers a good selection of private label products and brands such as Insignia, Geek Squad, and Rocket Fish, the company’s selection of brands that are private labels is less extensive than that available from top retailers like Walmart as well as Costco. Sam’s Club and Kirkland are among the biggest winners in this category. In addition to expanding its selection of private label products and brands, Best Buy must focus on the quality of its private product lines and marketing.

 Threats In The SWOT Analysis For Best Buy’s 

❤️ Intense Competition In the realm of the internet, Best Buy competes with Amazon. In turn, it has to fight against ferocious and unstoppable brick-and-mortar rivals like Walmart. No matter if it’s online or offline, rivals are looking forward to ways to take the Best Buy marketplace share.

❤️ The looming recession is upon us: It would be foolish for any company to think that they are immune to the effects of a downturn in the economy. With the approaching pandemic recession and the rapid growth of Best Buy, the company’s growth could soon stop abruptly.

❤️ The unavoidability of strikes: While the newly passed USMCA was designed to help advance America’s First agenda it has given employees more power who are located across borders. Employees of Home Depot located in Mexico in the country which is where Best Buy also operates, are already contemplating a strike for better pay. Strikes can be infectious, so the Best Buy strike could be too far away.

❤️ An increase in counterfeits: Best Buy relies heavily on electronic devices, however, they are under attack by imitations and counterfeiters. The counterfeits that are a part of the digital age are high-quality however they are extremely cheap. The bargain price is irresistible for even the long-time Best Buy customers.

❤️ Retail Apocalypse from Pier 1 Imports to Sears, Kmart, Forever 21, and Walgreens All of these stores were once mighty, but they are contemplating closing stores by the date of the end of 2020. Best Buy is not immune to the Retail Apocalypse.

Limitations of SWOT Analysis to Best Buy

The SWOT analysis is a popular tool for strategic planning, but it does have some limitations.

  • Some capabilities or factors can be both a strength or a weakness of an organization. This is one of the main limitations of SWOT analysis. If the company is able to develop products faster than its competitors, changing environmental regulations could be a threat or a benefit.
  • SWOT is not a way to gain a competitive advantage. It should not be a goal in and of itself.
  • This matrix is only intended to be a starting point for discussion about how strategies might be implemented. The matrix provided an evaluation window, but not an implementation plan. It was not based on Best Buy’s strategic competitiveness.
  • SWOT is a static analysis – an analysis of the status quo that includes a few potential changes. The dynamics of a competitive landscape may change as circumstances, capabilities, threats, and strategies change.
  • The SWOT analysis could lead a firm to focus too much on one external or internal factor when formulating its strategies. SWOT analysis may not show the interrelationships between key internal and external factors. This could be an important factor in formulating strategies.

Weighted SWOT Analysis of Best Buy

Due to the previously stated weaknesses of the SWOT analysis/ matrix, the corporate management determined to give an appropriate amount of weightage for each of the strengths and weaknesses of the company. 

They also consider the likeliness of events that will occur in the near future, and the impact they will be on the company’s performance.

This is referred to as the Weighted SWOT analysis. It’s superior to basic SWOT analysis as With a weighted SWOT Analysis, Best Buy managers are able to focus on the most important aspects and eliminate the less important ones. 

It also eliminates the problem of the long list, which is when organizations make lengthy lists but do not address any of the elements that are considered to be crucial.


❤️ What is Best Buy all about?

Best Buy Co., Inc. is a retailer with consumer-oriented technology and products. The company offers a variety of products and services for its customers, such as appliances, consumer electronics computers and mobile phones, entertainment, and many other items.

❤️ What is the competitive advantage of Best Buy?

The distinctness of its method of operation as demonstrated by its creative marketing strategies and cost control has been among the biggest competitive benefits that Best Buy has. Best Buy. This is why the majority of people are getting used to the idea of purchasing all their electronics needs from one place, i.e. Best Buy.

❤️ What business-level strategy does Best Buy use?

The citizen-centric business-level strategy offers customers independent and knowledgeable advice on the items they would like to buy at affordable prices, the ability to shop at any time and anywhere they wish, as well as technical support throughout the lifetime of the product (Renew Blue 13).

❤️ What is the core business of Best Buy?

Because Best Buy is the only brick-and-mortar national brick-and-mortar U.S. retail chain still solely focused on consumer electronic products there’s not a comparable retailer of consumer electronics that can be compared to its values as a company and its customer service promise.

❤️ What are Best Buy’s core values?

The core values of Best Buy include ” unleash the power of our people, learn from challenge and change, show respect, humility, integrity, have fun while being the best.” These values are the basis for the outstanding corporate culture that defines Best Buy.

❤️ What does Best Buy sell the most?

Consumer electronics comprise around a third of the company’s revenue. The remaining revenue of about 20 percent is comprised of the entertainment, appliances, and services segment.


We believe that overall, Best Buy is moving in the right direction. However, despite its expanding popularity in e-commerce and its established brand, the risks faced by the company are greater than the positives according to us. 

In addition, the price hike has slowed some of the upside potential for the company. Anyone interested in investing in or finding out more regarding Best Buy should consult our full-page analysis on the Value Line Investment Survey.

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