Australia SWOT Analysis [Update 2022] ❤️

Australia SWOT Analysis 2022

Australia SWOT Analysis: Australia is a huge and beautiful country that is also a continent comprised of smaller Islands. 

The country’s landscape is so varied that it is home to beaches as well as deserts tropical forests, as well as a range of animal species and plants. Australia is the sixth-largest country by size and size.

Canberra is considered to be the capital city of the country. Sydney is the most populated city. Indigenous Australians have inhabited the continent for more than 65000 years. 

But, the Dutch have been the first people to leave their homelands. They arrived in Australia during the seventeenth century.

Australia SWOT Analysis

Then the British arrived in 1770. On January 1 in 1901, all five colonies of Australia were united and formed the commonwealth. 

The government system in the commonwealth is a constitutional monarchy and democracy. Elizabeth II is the queen.

Elizabeth 2nd reigns as the monarch in place while Scott Morrison is the prime minister of the nation.

Other aspects of the country we’ll provide in the SWOT analysis are both the internal and external context (strengths and weaknesses, threats, and opportunities).

Strengths In The SWOT Analysis Of Australia


❤️ Member Of The World Organizations: Australia is a major member of many international organizations. As ASEAN Plus Six, Pacific Island Forum, United Nations, Asia Pacific Economic Forum, G20, World Trade Organization, Commonwealth of Nations, Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development as well as ANZUS. The country also has established close relationships with Asia, the Pacific, Asia, and the USA.

❤️ GDP Upper: According to an estimate, the growth of the GDP in Australia by 2020 is 1.375 trillion dollars and it’s the thirteenth-highest. The per-capita income of the nation stood at fifty,844 dollars. It’s also one of the 10thhighest. The GDP of the country has declined in 2020 due to the spread of covid-19. covid-19. The country has built strong economic relations with countries around it such as South Korea, Japan, China, New Zealand, and numerous others.

❤️ World-Class Education: Australia is home to one of the best universities. They include The University of Western Australia, Monash University, the University of Queensland, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne as well as The Australian National University. The extensive network of reputable schools of higher education is the major factor behind the rapid expansion and growth of the nation.

❤️ Diversity: According to an estimation, 30% of the Australian population of over 10- million is made up of immigrants. It’s the largest number of immigrants any nation has on the globe. It’s a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society that is tolerant and tolerance to accommodate other cultures. The average Second Australian is an immigrant or child of immigrants. She has moved highly skilled professionals across the globe. They have significantly contributed to her development and advancement.

❤️ Tourism: Australia is home to the most stunning beaches in the world as well as natural beauty. They draw millions of visitors from around the world each year. Kangaroos Red Centre, the Great Barrier Reef, the ancient limestone pillars, and mountains and forests are extremely crucial to her tourism business.

 Weaknesses In The SWOT Analysis Of Australia


❤️ Costly to Live: Since Australia permitted its residents to put their money into properties and houses the cost of renting and living has increased by an enormous percentage. Nowadays, the majority of the nation’s capital is put into homes and properties. This means you cannot make use of the same capital for another business endeavor. The property investment has caused rents to increase. This increase in costs has prompted more people to put their cash into the property.

❤️ Flaw Education System: The government is updating courses or classes for students. This means that more and more students are learning and obtaining engineering degrees from the automotive and automobile industry. The reality is that the automotive industry is in decline due to the increase in electric automobiles. However, our Australian education system is teaching students outdated techniques that are no longer relevant.

❤️ Types of Contractual Jobs: The rise of the freelance business has had a devastating impact on regular jobs that are beneficial. Nowadays, jobs are only “gigs” and job is only. Employers prefer to employ cheap contractual freelancers instead of keeping an employee’s payroll on a regular basis since it will be expensive for employers. Thus, the young Australians seeking job security are harmed.

❤️ Fossil Fuel Exports: Australian economy continues to export fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil, and iron. If any of the less developed or third world countries’ economies exports fossil fuel products, it is acceptable. In the case that high-priced first-world economies exporting fossil fuel items, it’s not making sense. Furthermore, we are aware, that the world is moving toward the safest renewable sources of energy. Numerous other countries in the developed world have made plans to end the use of fossil fuels since it is not good for the environment. So, Australia should also move towards renewable energy sources.

Opportunities In The SWOT Analysis Of Australia


❤️ The growth of SMEs: If we consider the country’s emerging and expanding regions, western Sydney emerges as a prime example. When teams with around 10 members run small-scale businesses and the increasing diversity of western Sydney prefers to run their own business to tackle the issues of the moment. The development and diversity are generating a variety of small-scale businesses in the region. Trade has an enormous chance for investors to pay attention. It’s not just there, the entire region is vast and expanding. According to a study that 60 percent of the Australian workforce is linked to small and medium enterprises (small and medium-sized enterprises). However, government policies don’t help and support SMEs. If the government made policies more flexible, it will attract lots of creative and young entrepreneurs to this field.

Threats In The SWOT Analysis Of Australia


❤️ Coal & Mining Industry: Australian mining and coal industries have been growing for many years. Therefore, the profit generated by this sector has brought in lots of investments, as well as other resources of the country. We know that the world is shifting towards renewable energy sources If anything occurs that is relevant to the mining industry that could harm the economy of this country. The mining industry itself makes an important contribution to the nation’s GDP overall. If the country continues to rely on and tie itself to the mining industry, then it will be a huge disappointment for the economy, especially in the present circumstances in which it’s in decline.

❤️ Removal of encryption: If we claim”the” Australian government is fearful of the technology revolution, it’s not a stretch. This is because the government plans to eliminate encryption from any information.

❤️ Is a target for Cyber Attacks: If the government takes away the encryption, as well as every personal text message will be susceptible to all kinds of attacks. The government states that taking away encryption is good for all people. It is only the authorities that would be able to access the data. If the system for government databases was compromised criminals and criminals will have easy access to the data of everyday individuals.


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What is a SWOT analysis in Australia?

SWOT analysis is an instrument for business that identifies the external and internal elements that impact the operation of a company. SWOT analysis analyzes the strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and challenges a company is facing using a SWOT template.

What is Australia lacking?

The wealth of the country hides an insufficiency of its national strategy. Contrary to the majority of wealthy nations that have economies, Australia lacks diversity and sophistication. Australia’s main exports lie in low-complex categories like agriculture and mining.

How is Australia’s economy?

Australia is a highly developed nation with a mixed market economy. In 2021, Australia was the 13th-largest nation’s economy in the nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as well as the 18th-largest according to PPP-adjusted GDP. It was also the 25th largest exporter of goods and the 20th largest importer of goods.

Why Australia is one of the highly developed countries?

Australia’s vast natural resources and strong international trade relations are vital to the nation’s economy that earns income through a variety of sources such as mining exports, services manufacturing, banking agriculture, and international education.


Australia is a costly country to reside in. The majority of people have to borrow money to purchase homes and also suffer from the slow decline of industries. 

Since the mining boom has ended many are turning self-employed and establishing businesses to make a living.

However, we’re also experiencing issues with the government’s policies regarding technology, which can greatly restrict the growing FinTech business. 

The government is seeking to eliminate the privacy of documents and messages in the interest of reasons of “greater good” even though security experts believe there is not a lot of “good” that can be gained from these policies. 

In the years ahead we’ll learn how these developments — regarding technology, products, and companies — impact the development of the nation.

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